Transportation and logistics companies are responsible for moving high-value goods from one destination to another. Wherever valuable goods are stored and transported, thefts or pilferage are not uncommon. Keeping the goods, passengers and employees safe along with securing critical infrastructure, transportation and logistics firms need comprehensive security systems to minimize loss and theft

Primary objective of the security system integration is to provide video surveillance, access control solution to ensure only authorized personnel have access to key facilities. Security systems that can detect intrusions or other hazards, such as fire and smoke, are another must-have for transportation and logistics firms. In a nutshell , these encompasses the total protection requirements for the people and assets involved.

Security also adds value, for the children themselves and their parents, who will gain peace of mind knowing their child is in a safe, secure-aware environment.

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At CEKYOR, we have extreme knowledge of how to assess potential threats in any transportation and logistics environment and provide the ideal security systems. We provide an advanced fleet security and control solution that provides real-time reporting when a shipment goes off-course, and can remotely shut down the truck safely.

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