Alongside your commitment to delivering exceptional academic and building next generation leaders, educational institutions have a crucial responsibility to provide a safe and nurturing environment to protect their students, staff and assets from anything that could put them and their reputation at risk.

Security in educational institutions is not a reactive measure, that it must be implemented only for compliance purposes. Security has to be embrace in a way that it takes a prominent role in the proactive running of educational institution.

Security also adds value, for the children themselves and their parents, who will gain peace of mind knowing their child is in a safe, secure-aware environment.

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We understand the unique challenges faced by educational institutions. We’ll help you create and implement a strategy to solve any existing issues and ensure long-term protection. Whether you are a small school or a multi-campus college or a university, CEKYOR offers innovative, proven security solutions that improves the overall safety and protect students, staff, property and the general public, while staying within the budgets of education providers.

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